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Key Personnel:
Amy Vargo, M.A.
Patty Sharrock, M.S.W.
Patricia Robinson, Ph.D.
Roger Boothroyd, Ph.D.
Sharon Lardieri, M.S.W.
Frank Reyes, A.A.
Rhonda Ort, B.A.
Mary Armstrong, Ph.D.

A Study of the Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP) Final Report

Publication Date: 6/1/2007

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In 2004, the Florida Legislature authorized Community-Based Care Lead Agencies to provide mental health services through a managed care organization to children who are in the child welfare system. This initiative represents a major and much anticipated shift in the way mental health services are financed for the child welfare population. Although the Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP) was just recently implemented, it is important to begin evaluation efforts early in the process to inform stakeholders of strengths and challenges in the system to aid in improvement of ongoing implementation work.