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Key Personnel:
Robert Friedman, Ph.D.
Karen Blase, Ph.D.
Dean Fixsen, Ph.D.
Nate Israel, Ph.D.
Carol McKinnon-Lewis, Ph.D.
Robert Paulson, Ph.D.
Melissa Van Dyke, M.S.W.

Improving the Effectiveness of Medicaid Funded Children's Mental Health Services

Publication Date: 6/1/2006

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Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has a stated interest in providing the citizens of Florida with accessible, affordable, quality health care. In 2004-2005, the Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) conducted a study that focused on the accessibility and quality of the current children's mental health system in Florida through the examination of (a) the array of services that were offered, (b) the quality improvement/performance measurement mechanisms that were in place, and (c) existing efforts to implement evidence-based programs and practices. As part of that study, a national scan was conducted to identify exemplary practices in each of those areas and to make it possible to compare practices within Florida with exemplary practices across the nation. Given the amount of money that is spent on children's mental health services, it is critical that effective services are utilized to ensure the desired outcomes.