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Key Personnel:
Mary I. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Norin Dollard, Ph.D.
Keren S. Vergon, Ph.D.
Stephanie C. Romney, Ph.D.
John Robst, Ph.D.
Christine Epps, B.S.
Ren Chen, M.S.
Mark Larkins, M.S.
Wenhong Li, M.P.H.
Jeana Matos, Sr. Programmer Analyst
Frank Reyes, A.A.

Evaluation of Medicaid-Funded Out-of-Home Alternatives for FY 05-06

Publication Date: 6/1/2006

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Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Programs (SIPP), Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care (STFC), and Therapeutic Group Care Services (TGC) provide out-of-home behavioral health treatment options for Florida's Medicaid population. These three programs are the most restrictive treatment options funded by Medicaid. This report addresses evaluation questions related to all three programs as well as systemic issues concerning out-of-home care treatment alternatives in Florida. The common themes and issues addressed include demographic and clinical descriptions of the youth, service use and costs pre- and post- discharge and the service trajectories of youth across the three residential programs. The report also includes a cost effectiveness study of STFC and TGC.