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Key Personnel:
Svetlana Yampolskaya, Ph.D.
Paul Greenbaum, Ph.D.
Richard Briscoe, Ph.D.

Patterns of Service Utilization among Children in the Child Protection System Under Implementation of Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan

Publication Date: 6/1/2008

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Children who enter the child protection system represent the greatest users of behavioral health services defined as any mental health, alcohol or drug abuse treatment services (Burns et al., 2004; Leslie et al., 2004; Staudt, 2003), have the highest rates of hospitalization, and have health care costs that are considerably higher compared to other Medicaid eligible children (Takayama, Bergman, & Connel, 1994). To increase effectiveness of mental health services provision, cost efficiency, as well as to better help children in the child protection system, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration contracted with Magellan Behavioral Health of Florida, Inc. to implement the Child Welfare-Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CWPMHP) in Florida.