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Key Personnel:
Amy Vargo, M.A.
Patty Sharrock, M.S.W.
Patricia Robinson, Ph.D.
Roger Boothroyd, Ph.D.
Mary Armstrong, Ph.D.
Catherine Batsche, Ph.D.
Sharon Lardieri, M.S.W.
Roxann McNeish, M.P.H.
Rhonda Ort, B.A.
Frank Reyes, A.A.

Evaluation of Florida's Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP): Year 2

Publication Date: 6/1/2008

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In February 2007, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) implemented a specialty managed mental health care plan, known as the Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP), for children served in the child welfare system. To implement this plan, AHCA contracted with the Community-Based Care Partnership, LTD (the Partnership), which was comprised of Magellan Behavioral Health of Florida (a managed care organization) and Community-Based Care of Seminole, Inc. (a Community-Based Care [CBC] child welfare lead agency) as general partners. Other CBC lead agencies were also included as limited partners. AHCA contracted with the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute to evaluate the CW-PMHP in order to determine the extent to which the mental health service needs of children in Florida's child welfare system are being met by the plan. In consultation with AHCA, Orange County, Florida was selected as the area of focus for this year's evaluation.

The evaluation involves three interrelated components: an Implementation Analysis designed to obtain information on the organizational, structural, financial, and operational aspects of the CW-PMHP; a Quality of Care Analysis that examined the experiences of mental health service providers and child welfare case managers related to access to services, consumer engagement, appropriateness of services, and service outcomes; and the Foster Parent Mail Survey to obtain foster parents' perceptions regarding their satisfaction with access to and the quality of mental health services available to children in foster care.