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Key Personnel:
Ilene R. Berson, Ph.D.
Kathleen A. Dailey, M.Ed.
Amy C. Vargo, M.A.
Kelley Dhont, M.S.

A study of the integration of part C and medicaid funded services for infants and toddlers

Publication Date: 6/1/2004

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This study was designed to expand understanding of the policy and funding issues that impact behavioral health services provided to children from birth until their third birthday and explore how the system currently links Medicaid and Part C funded services for young children. The research team examined the individual characteristics, service system patterns, and service utilization patterns for young children who received assessments and/or services through both Part C and Medicaid during FY2000 or FY2001. The findings in this report include a comparative summary of all relevant descriptive data and an integration of previously collected qualitative responses.