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Key Personnel:
Roger A. Boothroyd, Ph.D.
Mary I Armstrong. Ph.D.
Angela Gomez, Ph.D.
Diane Haynes, M.S.
Rhonda Ort, B.S.

Welfare reform: Adolescent girls in transition: A one year follow-up study

Publication Date: 6/1/2003

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The report summarizes the findings from a one-year follow-up study examining the current well-being and predictors of future hopes and aspirations of adolescent girls living in families receiving TANF. This mixed-method study includes two phases. Phase 1 involved face-to-face interviews using various standardized measures with 125 mothers who were receiving TANF in 2002 and their daughters while Phase 2 included in-depth qualitative interviews with a random sample of 20 adolescent girls participating in Phase 1. One year re-interview rates were 92% for Phase 1 interviews and 90% for Phase 2 interviews.