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Key Personnel:
Ilene R. Berson, Ph.D.
Amy C. Vargo, M.A.
Stephen Roggenbaum, M.A.

Child welfare targeted case management: Current practices and implications for statewide dissemination and implementation

Publication Date: 6/1/2003

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This report presents the findings of the FY2002–2003 study of Child Welfare Targeted Case Management (CW-TCM). CW-TCM is a Medicaid-funded service, which is intended to optimize service coordination for children in child protection.

Information was gathered using a variety of research methods. To learn about state policies governing Child Welfare Targeted Case Management, interviews were conducted with key informants (to identify issues affecting the program; the philosophy and approach to service delivery; interpretation of program goals; perceptions of program strengths and weaknesses). The research plan also included administration of a structured response instrument to staff, observations of case staffings (to measure group problem solving and decision-making processes), and a review of documents (i.e., policy guidelines, satisfaction surveys, case manager time tracking) as well as Medicaid claims data.