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Housing First: A Review of the Literature

Published: September 01, 2010


This technical report provides a review of the literature related to Housing First, a type of supported housing intervention that provides housing first to the most vulnerable homeless populations, followed by other support and services after a stable housing environment has been established. This review of the literature provides a discussion of the domains that distinguish the Housing First model from other service provision models: 1) housing choice and structure, 2) separation of housing and services, 3) service philosophy, 4) service array, and 5) program structure. In addition, this technical report provides a discussion of research related to the effectiveness of Housing First services, in general, and amongst Veterans in particular.


Rynearson, S., Barrett, B., Clark, C.(2010). Housing First: A review of the literature. Prepared for the National Center on Homelessness among Veterans. Tampa, Florida: Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute.