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Celia Lescano, PhD

Dr. Lescano received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. (Clinical and Health Psychology – concentration in Clinical Child/Pediatric area) from the University of Florida, and completed an APA-approved internship in clinical psychology at the University of Miami.  Following internship she completed a NIMH T32 post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Brown University School of Medicine, and subsequently received an appointment at Brown University as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, where she served as faculty member from 2000-2010.  Dr. Lescano has published widely, has been actively involved in professional psychology activities at the national level, and has successfully developed a program of funded research with support totaling more than $10 million.  She was recently awarded a 5-year $2.4 million R01 grant from NIMH to study the efficacy of a family-based HIV prevention program with Latino populations.  Dr. Lescano has also received a NIMH K01 award to examine health disparities in HIV and to pilot-test a family-based HIV prevention initiative with Latino families.  She previously received an NIMH Minority Supplement award to conduct HIV prevention research with Latino families.  Dr. Lescano’s important research in health promotion and intervention with vulnerable and underserved/minority populations will help to address the strategic goals of the department, college, and university, and aligns well with our focus on public sector behavioral health research.  In addition to her outstanding research accomplishments and skills, Dr. Lescano brings considerable expertise as a mentor for undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty.



B. S., University of Florida, May 1992


Major:  Psychology


Minor: Sociology


M. S., University of Florida, December 1994


Major:  Clinical & Health Psychology


Ph. D., University of Florida, December 1998


Major:  Clinical & Health Psychology


Area of concentration: Clinical Child/Pediatric


University of Miami, Miami, Florida, July 1997-June 1998


A.P.A. Approved Internship in Clinical Psychology


Chief Psychology Intern 1997-1998

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

NIMH T32 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology


September 1998-August 2000


Brown University School of Medicine


Child & Family Psychiatry, Rhode Island Hospital


Recent Publications

Rahill, G., Joshi, M., Lescano, C., & Holcomb, D. (in press). Symptoms of PTSD in a sample of Female Victims of Sexual Violence in Post-earthquake Haiti. Journal of Affective Disorders. DOI: 10.1016/j.jad.2014.10.067 [IF: 3.705]

Joshi, M., Rahill, G., Lescano, C., & Jean, F. (2014). Language of sexual violence in Haiti: Perceptions of victims, community level workers and health care providers. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 25(4), [2012 IF: 1.491]

Buhi, E., Marhefka, S., Wheldon, C., Tilley, D., Klinkenberger, N., Lescano, C., & Hoban, M. (2014). Sexual and reproductive health disparities in a national sample of Hispanic and non-Hispanic white U.S. college students. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 7(1), 19-36.

Hadley, W., Barker, D., Lescano, C.M., Brown, L.K., Stewart, A., Affleck, K., Donenberg, G., DiClemente, R., & Project STYLE Study Group (2014). Associations between psychiatric impairment and sexual risk behavior among teens in mental health treatment. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 13(2), 198-213. [2012 IF: 0.5]

Brown, L.K., Houck, C., Lescano, C., Donenberg, G., Tolou-Shams, M., & Mello, J. (2012). Affect regulation and HIV risk among youth in therapeutic schools. AIDS and Behavior, 16(8), 2272-2278. PMID: 22669595; doi: 10.1007/s10461-012-0220-3

Stewart, A.J., Theodore-Oklata, C., Hadley, W., Brown, L.K., Donenberg, G., DiClemente, R., & Project STYLE Study Group (2012). Mania symptoms and HIV-risk behavior among adolescents in mental health treatment. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 41(6), 803-810. PMID: 22540428; doi: 10.1080/15374416.2012.675569

Romero-Daza, N., Baldwin, J., Lescano, C., Williamson, H.J., Tilley, D.L., Chan, I., Tewell, M., & Palacios, W.R. (2012). Syndemic theory as a model for training and mentorship to address HIV/AIDS among Latinos in the U.S.  Annals of Anthropological Practice, 36(2), 232-256.

Hadley, W., Barker, D., Lescano, C.M., Brown, L.K., Stewart, A., Affleck, K., Donenberg, G., DiClemente, R., & Project STYLE Study Group (in press). Prevalence of sexual risk behavior among teens in mental health treatment and the influence of psychiatric impairment. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services.

Brown, L.K., Hadley, W., Barker, D., Lescano, C.M., DiClemente, R., & Donenberg, G. (in press). Project STYLE: A multisite HIV prevention randomized controlled trial for youth in mental health treatment. Psychiatric Services.