AHCA Study - Administrative Data Analysis

About the Project

The task of monitoring the performance of the HMOs and Pre-paid Mental Health Plans (PMHPs) in managing the mental health benefit of enrollees requires a number of different approaches. While annual reviews are important in the context of contract re-negotiations and renewals, and investigations of enrollee complaints are important for consumer satisfaction, neither provides the Agency with objective, standardized and timely information regarding plan performance during the fiscal year. This study aims to fill this gap through the development and reporting of key indicators of enrollee access to mental health services and of the outcomes of enrollees who use mental health services on a quarterly basis.  Vendor will develop such a quarterly monitoring system through meeting with key Agency staff in Tallahassee to determine feasible variables to monitor; meeting with Agency staff in AHCA areas who are responsible for managing mental health contracts with managed care organizations; developing a mock quarterly report based on these meetings that uses encounter and other administrative data sets which provide the Agency with important and timely plan performance data; using feedback from Agency staff on the contents and format of the mock report to develop a final set of performance indicators and reporting format for monitoring performance; producing two quarterly reports using the approved indicators and format; and meeting with Agency staff to receive feedback and develop a revised report format for FY 2010-2011.

Principal Investigator

Gregory Teague, PhD


07/01/2009 - 06/30/2010


AHCA - Medicaid Behavioral Health Services