AHCA Study - Enrollee Satisfaction with Mental Health Care

About the Project

With the expansion of mental health managed care having been completed throughout the state of Florida, ongoing evaluation and monitoring is essential for maintaining the quality of services within these programs. Consumer satisfaction has emerged nationally as an important indicator of health care quality. As such, this year’s project will focus on assisting AHCA in monitoring the quality of the mental health services provided by these managed care entities. We will use the Experience of Care and Health Outcomes Survey (ECHO?) to conduct a statewide satisfaction survey of Medicaid recipients who have recently received mental health services. We will also begin development of a mechanism for reporting survey findings in a “user friendly” format for consumers, providers, and policymakers.

Principal Investigator

Roger Boothroyd, PhD


07/01/2009 - 06/30/2010


AHCA - Medicaid Behavioral Health Services