AHCA – Evaluation of the Self-Assessment/Planning Tool for Implementing Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services (SAPT)

About the Project

The Self-Assessment/Planning Tool for Implementing Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services (SAPT) is designed to provide a clear definition of the principles and practices of recovery-oriented mental health services, as well as practical guidance for implementing these services in service provider agencies. The SAPT also provides a process for establishing a baseline of performance that can be measured over time. It includes two sections.


The self-assessment provides operational definitions for 14 domains organized under the categories of administration, treatment, and support.  The instrument uses a five point rating scale for each item.

The planning and implementation section provides a description of each domain, defines the essential characteristics for implementing the service, describes common barriers and remedies for overcoming barriers, and lists resources that support service implementation.

This evaluation will gather data on the implementation of the SAPT from service provider agencies in Florida and conduct an in-depth examination as part of a pilot study with five service provider agencies.  Information will also be gathered about the use of similar tools in states that were awarded federal mental health transformation grants.  All of the information gathered in the study will be used to revise the tool prior to disseminating it for use by mental health service provider agencies throughout Florida

Principal Investigator

James Winarski, MSW

Funding Agency

Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)

Award Amount



07/01/2008 - 06/30/2009