Driving under the Influence Program

About the Project

The HCSO, SA's Office, and Tampa Crossroads have proposed to initiate an enforcement-prosecution-treatment collaboration program to make the roads of this county safer for everyone. The HCSO will increase its DUI enforcement activities with saturation patrols once a week. The prosecution component entails the hiring of a DUI prosecutor in the hopes of prosecuting more DUI cases. The treatment component will serve 100 repeat DUI offenders and the program will seek to change the client's way of thinking, from criminal thinking patterns to living responsibly in all aspects of life.


Project Evaluator and responsible for the overall evaluation of the three agencies and activities involved to reduce drinking and driving.

Principal Investigator

M. Scott Young, PhD


Kathleen Moore, PhD

Funding Agency

Byrne Memorial Law Enforcement Trust Fund Grant

Award Amount



10/01/2004 - 09/30/2008