Florida Behavioral Pharmacy Management Program

About the Project

The Behavioral Pharmacy Management Program (BPMP) is a collaborative between the USF, the AHCA and the pharmaceutical industry. It is a multi-year, program designed to improve the quality of prescribing practices for mental health drugs and to reduce expenditures by $34 million. This is accomplished through a series of progressively intensive interventions with the approximately 25,000 physicians that write prescriptions for mental health drugs in the state's Medicaid system. The interventions are prospective, developing treatment guidelines for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder and educating providers about them, retrospective, reviewing prescribing behavior against guideline consistent quality edits and providing appropriate feedback and concurrent, providing physicians with access to individual patient drug histories, guidelines and quality edits e and prescription writing capability at the point of car through PDA's and desk top applications. All interventions are designed to increase the extent to which prescribing is consistent with evidence based guidelines. The BPMP is currently being evaluated by the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.

Principal Investigator

Robert Constantine, PhD

Award Amount



09/01/2004 - 02/28/2007