Senate Bill 1258

About the Project

Since 2001, the Institute has had a contract with DCF to conduct an on-going formative evaluation of two system redesign pilot projects that are intended to improve integration of publicly funded behavioral health services. One project in District 1 involved implementing a “managing entity” that handles much of the contracting with and administrative oversight of agencies that provide DCF-funded behavioral health services in the District. The managing entity is, by design, the same organization that manages the pre-paid mental health plan for Medicaid in that District. The other project in District 8 involved implementing an “administrative services organization” that provides technical support to DCF and its providers regarding management of behavioral health services. As a part of the evaluation a report to the Florida legislature is produced annually regarding the process and progress of implementation of the pilot projects and the extent to which the goals established in the legislation are being met. This project will culminate in December 2006 with a final report to the legislature on the progress and outcome of these pilot projects.

Principal Investigator

Timothy Boaz, PhD

Award Amount



07/01/2001 - 12/31/2006