Policy and Services Research Data Center (PSRDC)

About the Project

Established in 1996, the PSRDC informs public policy and program development through the timely compilation, integration, and analysis of administrative and other data, and strives to be a leader in management, organization and dissemination of information on health and mental health issues. The PSRDC’s unique capabilities include the collection, storage, and analysis of multiple, large scale administrative data sets. PSRDC staff provide research related services that include project management, research design, programming and analysis, database development, and data management. These services enable systematic research on a variety of issues and make complex data systems readily available to researchers and policy makers. Through formal agreements with the relevant agencies, the PSRDC provides data management and analysis services for administrative data related to civil commitment, Medicaid Claims and eligibility, Medicare claims, state mental hospital and state mental health and substance abuse treatment. The PSRDC also has on-going relationships with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Department of Corrections, and the Florida Department of Education.

Principal Investigator

Charles Dion, MA


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